Let's look at the three kinds of Homes Matco Log Home Builders will build for you:
             1) Manufactured Log Home Package
             2) Timber Frame Log Home
             3) Conventional Frame Home with Log Accents


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Whichever style you are considering, whatever stage of the process you are in, give me a call or e-mail to answer questions or give you a bid to build your Log Home.


Pre Manufactured Log Home Package Timber Frame Log Home Conventional Home with Log Accents
Comes with everything needed to build the shell of your new home to "dry-in" stage. Also included are Interior Trim, Doors, and Stair Parts. The logs are manufactured indoors under controlled climate conditions and come in different thicknesses and profiles.

Log Home Manufacturers can design your Log Home "in house" or have you choose from pre-designed stock plans and supply all of the components you will need to build the complete shell of your Log Home. Or they can send just the logs, and you buy everything else locally.(Sub Floor Framing, Roof Framing, Roofing Material, Doors and Windows, Exterior and Interior Trim, etc.) for the shell.

 Matco Log Home Builders will construct your Dream Log Home. We would act as sub contractors to you or your general contractor to perform all carpentry work (Log Shell Construction, All exterior and interior trim, Stairs, Wood Paneling and Flooring, Cabinet Installation).

In Washington State, we are Licensed General Contractors and could handle your whole job "turn key".
 Manufactured Log Home Package
made by
Coventry Log Homes
The Timber Frame Log Home that I feature is different from the Log Home Package mainly in the wall construction. The walls are conventional 2x6 construction, pre manufactured off site. They are also made indoors and come with Log Siding already attached.                                                                        
                                                                                                                              See example of Whisper Creek Log Home below.
The benefit here is two fold. First, you  use regular insulation in the walls. Secondly, all plumbing and electrical can go in the walls before insulation and finish. They still offer the Open Beam look in the floor and roof systems.

The walls come pre-made and are set on the sub floor with a crane. The Timber Frame Manufacturer would only supply beams, walls, timber or regular trusses; everything to get your home dried in. The Timber Frame Shell goes together very quickly to get you working on the inside in no time. The Interior Finishes would be done the same as above.
Lastly we could do a Conventional Framed Home with Log Accents.

 This home would be stick built on your lot, using Timber Frame Posts and Beams and other Log Accents, both interior and exterior. Most of the framing would be conventional.

The interior finishes would reflect the Log Style with wood tongue and groove paneling and exposed posts and beams.